The Best Movies That Are Super Weird

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Here is a list of the best weird movies to watch. This list compiles the greatest bizarre films of all time that also happen to be the strangest movies ever made. Whether surreal or just odd, if off-beat movies are your thing, then peruse this list to catch the ones you have yet to see and vote up the ones you think are the absolute weirdest. Many of these movies have won multiple Academy Awards and/or Golden Globes, although they really would have fared even better if there was a category for "Weirdest Motion Picture." If you thought Being John Malkovich was out there, just wait until you check out the rest of these flicks.

Great movies like Eraserhead, directed by the famously unusual David Lynch, are accompanied on this list by other top films of fellow famous directors like Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange. There are also good (but still weird) foreign films, such as Salvador Dali's Un Chien Andalou and Ingmar Bergman's Persona. All of these movies might be weird, off-color, freaky, surrealist, or blend genres you didn't think could be blended (what on earth is I'm Still Here with Joaquin Phoenix?) but they are also undeniably fantastic films.

Vote up your favorite weird and bizarre movies to help them get to the top of the list and vote down any that you never want to watch again.

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  • Brazil
    Jonathan Pryce, Robert De Niro, Katherine Helmond
    243 votes
    • Released: 1985
    • Directed by: Terry Gilliam

    In this dystopian satire directed by Terry Gilliam, a low-level government employee becomes embroiled in a bureaucratic nightmare after discovering a clerical error has led to the wrongful arrest of an innocent man. The film features stunning visuals, dark humor, and biting social commentary on bureaucracy and totalitarianism. Its surreal nature and thought-provoking themes make it one of the best weird movies ever made.

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  • Donnie Darko
    Jake Gyllenhaal, Jena Malone, Drew Barrymore
    298 votes
    • Released: 2001
    • Directed by: Richard Kelly

    Featuring a young Jake Gyllenhaal as the titular character, this psychological thriller follows a troubled teenager who encounters eerie visions of a man in a monstrous rabbit suit. As the plot unfolds, Donnie grapples with questions about time travel, fate, and his own sanity. The film's unique blend of sci-fi elements with teenage angst creates an unforgettable cinematic experience.

  • Eraserhead
    Jack Nance, Charlotte Stewart, Allen Joseph
    366 votes
    • Released: 1977
    • Directed by: David Lynch

    David Lynch's debut feature film is an unsettling journey into the mind of its protagonist Henry Spencer (played by Jack Nance), who navigates bizarre dream sequences and disturbing encounters with otherworldly creatures while coping with fatherhood. The film's striking black-and-white cinematography adds to its nightmarish atmosphere, making it an essential entry in the canon of weird films.

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  • A Clockwork Orange
    Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Magee, Michael Bates
    454 votes
    • Released: 1971
    • Directed by: Stanley Kubrick

    Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of Anthony Burgess' novel takes viewers on an unsettling journey through a dystopian future where youth violence runs rampant. The story follows Alex DeLarge (Malcolm McDowell), whose love for Beethoven's music is matched only by his penchant for brutality until he undergoes experimental conditioning to "cure" him of his violent tendencies. With its striking visuals and exploration of free will versus societal control, this film remains both thought-provoking and deeply disturbing.

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  • Pan's Labyrinth
    Sergi López, Maribel Verdú, Ivana Baquero
    215 votes
    • Released: 2006
    • Directed by: Guillermo del Toro

    This dark fantasy from director Guillermo del Toro is set in 1944 Spain, where a young girl named Ofelia (Ivana Baquero) becomes entangled in an enchanting and nightmarish fairy tale world inhabited by mystical creatures. As she navigates her way through this parallel realm to complete a series of tasks, Ofelia also confronts the harsh realities of war and human cruelty in her own world. The film's captivating visuals and poignant storytelling make it an unforgettable journey into both wonder and darkness.

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  • Being John Malkovich
    John Cusack, Cameron Diaz, Catherine Keener
    335 votes
    • Released: 1999
    • Directed by: Spike Jonze

    Directed by Spike Jonze from Charlie Kaufman's screenplay, this inventive comedy stars John Cusack as Craig Schwartz, an unemployed puppeteer who discovers a portal into the mind of actor John Malkovich. As Craig and his wife (Cameron Diaz) exploit this bizarre discovery for their own gain, the film delves into themes of identity, manipulation, and the nature of celebrity. Its surreal premise and quirky humor make it a truly unique cinematic experience.

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