The Best Welterweight Boxers of All Time

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Only boxers who competed in the welterweight division

The best welterweight boxers of all time are the fighters who are the legends of the weight class in the history of the sport. These are those current and former welterweight boxing champions as recognized by the World Boxing Association, World Boxing Council, International Boxing Federation and World Boxing Organization as the absolute best at any given time.

Looking back on the early days of the welterweight class, fighters like Jack Britton, Ted "Kid" Lewis, Mickey Walker, Jackie Fields, and Jack Thompson dominated the sport in the early 20th century as they won bout after bout, often against one another. These early fighters set the stage for another generation of boxers like Henry Armstrong, Sugar Ray Robinson, Kid Gavilan, Tony DeMarco, and Jose Napoles, who saw a great deal of success during the middle of the century.

More recently, top welterweight boxers such as Sugar Ray Leonard, Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley, and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have taken over as the top names in the weight class with many still fighting in the class to this day. Of course these stars also compete in other weight classes, like Mayweather Jr. who is also among the best lightweight boxers of all time.

So while we can't get all of these current and historical welterweight boxers in the ring to duke it out for an all-time title, we can rank these best welterweight right here instead. Vote up the ones you love, add those not listed or re-rank these best welterweight boxers of all time. Then, head over and give your say on how they stack up against the best boxers of all time too!
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