The 15+ Best Werewolf Anime Of All Time

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Hailing in as the supernatural counterpart of the vampire, the werewolf is the ever-transforming, furry, human-wolf shapeshifter. Although these classic beasts are seriously underrepresented in Japanese media, the werewolf anime that does exist out there range from silly, sci-fi shorts to badass and bloody sagas. The characters in their werewolf forms switch between human bodies and full-blown wolves, and sometimes stick around as demonic half-humans whose appearance rests somewhere right in-between.

Whatever form these beasts are in, the best werewolf anime brings these typically dark and brooding lycans to cool, new bodies and environments - transforming the otherwise gnarly fur-balls seen wreaking havoc in B-movies and horror films into contemporary cartoons that anime-lovers can binge on.

Some examples of anime with werewolf characters include Spice and Wolf, Dance in the Vampire Bund, and Wolf's Rain. Vote up your favorite anime with werewolves, and add any good werewolf anime to the list if it's not here already!

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