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The Best Werewolf Video Games of All Time

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This list of werewolf games will have you howling at the moon. Werewolves are awesome but they are also scary. They've been both protagonists and villains in media for as long as there was media to put them in. Why would video games be any different? Games about werewolves are more common than silver bullets, but this list isn't just running through them, this list aims to determine the best werewolf games ever developed.

No werewolf games list would be complete without the super popular The Wolf Among Us, which lets you play Bigby Wolf (a riff on the Big Bad Wolf), the sheriff of a town of fairy tale characters. Going back to the '90s, there's Werewolf: The Apocalypse from White Wolf's role-playing series. This werewolf game allows you to play as a lupine hero while dealing with vampires, mages, and other strange entities. And, of course, werewolves show up in Diablo II, and it's up to you to hack them down into little pieces before they tear you a new one. 

Which werewolf game is your all-time favorite? Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Heart of the Forest is one of the newest releases to feature werewolves, but there are plenty of classic games that still lycan lovers howling. Vote it to the top of the list so that it will be crowned the best werewolf video game. Vote up all your favorite werewolf games and vote down the ones that don't make you feel the call of the wild. Played them all? Then rerank the entire list and share your version!

  • Darkstone26

    DeveloperDelphine Software International

    Genres (Video game)Action role-playing game

    PlatformMicrosoft Windows, 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, DOS, PlayStation

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  • Wolfman27



    DeveloperCRL Group

    Genres (Video game)Puzzle game, Interactive fiction, Adventure

    PlatformAmstrad CPC, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum

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  • Werewolves of London28

    DeveloperViz Design

    Genres (Video game)Action-adventure game, Action game, Adventure, Arcade

    PlatformAmstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64

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  • Nightmare Creatures29

    DeveloperKalisto Entertainment, Atreid Concept SA

    Genres (Video game)Horror, Platform game, Survival horror, Action game, Adventure

    PlatformNintendo 64, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Mobile phone

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