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The Best West Coast Avengers Members

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List RulesVote up your favorite Marvel characters who, at one point or another, were part of the West Coast Avengers.

Although many of the Avengers can fly or run at supersonic speeds, that doesn't mean it wouldn't take them a while to commute to the West Coast. As such, Hawkeye - per a suggestion from Vision - decided American needed West Coast Avengers members to help spread the group's influence across the country and react more quickly to West Coast-based supervillains (like anybody from Seattle). But this is no second-rate team, and the best West Coast Avengers members include such heavyweights as Thing, Human Torch, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and several other household names. 

But since every superhero seems like they're a part of 30 different teams, it might be tough to remember who was part of West Coast Avengers. Thankfully, we've compiled a list of the best past and present West Coast Avengers members. All we need now is for you to vote up the best of the best, and downvote those who should never have been allowed on the team.

  • First appearance: The X-Men #4 March, 1964

    Like her brother, Pietro, Wanda Maximoff had a long, tragic childhood. It was so bad, she barely remembers most of it. At some point, The Elder God Chthon gives her magical powers in addition to her mutant powers, which eventually are used to fight against the X-Men for a long time. After awhile, she joins the Avengers and decides to no longer be evil. 

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    First appearance: Claws of the Cat #1 November, 1972

    After Greer Grant's cop husband is killed while on duty, she decides she needs to get a job of her own. This leads her to a scientist whose experiments ultimately transform Grant into human-cat hybrid. Making the most of an awkward situation, Grant decided to use her new powers to fight crime.

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  • Photo: Marvel Comics

    First appearance: Astonishing Tales #6 June, 1971

    Barbara Morse was an established and skilled scientist who ultimately caught the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D. Eventually she was trained to be a spy. Even later, she was injected with super serum that gave her incredible strength and agility. She was a long-time member of several Avengers Initiatives.

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  • Photo: Marvel Comics

    First appearance: The X-Men #4 March, 1964

    Like his sister, Wanda, Pietro Maximoff had a long, tragic childhood. It was so bad, he barely remembers most of it. He discovered at some point his incredible speed and after a decent amount of time wandering around and being a bad guy, he ultimately joins the Avengers. 

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