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The Best West Coast Avengers Members

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List RulesVote up your favorite Marvel characters who, at one point or another, were part of the West Coast Avengers.

Although many of the Avengers can fly or run at supersonic speeds, that doesn't mean it wouldn't take them a while to commute to the West Coast. As such, Hawkeye - per a suggestion from Vision - decided American needed West Coast Avengers members to help spread the group's influence across the country and react more quickly to West Coast-based supervillains (like anybody from Seattle). But this is no second-rate team, and the best West Coast Avengers members include such heavyweights as Thing, Human Torch, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and several other household names. 

But since every superhero seems like they're a part of 30 different teams, it might be tough to remember who was part of West Coast Avengers. Thankfully, we've compiled a list of the best past and present West Coast Avengers members. All we need now is for you to vote up the best of the best, and downvote those who should never have been allowed on the team.

  • Photo: Marvel Comics

    First appearance: Tales of Suspense #57 September, 1964

    Clint Barton was orphaned at a young age and eventually ran away to join the circus. It was there he became a master of archery, and after seeing Iron Man in action (and falling in love with Black Widow), he decided to become a superhero. It wasn't an easy path, but eventually he comes to join the Avengers and ultimately found the West Coast Avengers after Vision suggests they expand the group's influence.

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    Photo: Marvel Comics

    First appearance: Secret Wars Vol. 1 #6 October, 1984

    Julia Carpenter was convinced by a friend to join an "athletic study." As it turns out, the study was headed a governmental group called The Commission, and they ended up injecting her with a crazy serum that turned her into a lady equivalent of Spider-Man.


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  • Photo: Marvel Comics

    First appearance: Tales to Astonish #44 June, 1963

    Janet van Dyne's dad was killed by aliens so she turned to Hank Pym to give her super powers to fight back against the aliens. As a result, she gets the ability to shrink pretty small (not ant-small but, you know, small) and she could grow wings.

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    First appearance: Iron Man #118 January, 1979

    James "Rhodey" Rhodes was a lieutenant in the Marines. During a tour in Vietnam, he meets - and fights alongside - Tony Stark. Later, Stark gives Rhodes his own power armor.

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