The Best Western Anime of All Time

For all the gunslingers out there, we're ranking the best western anime of all time, and we're letting you vote for your favorites. These include anime with cowboys, gun duels, and everything else you'd expect in a good western. Don't be surprised if the #1 anime on this list takes place in space, as Cowboy Bebop is heavily influenced by the western genre. Between the soundtrack its with guitar and harmonica heavy western sound, to the fact that the show has "cowboy" in the name, Cowboy Bebop is the most western series you'll ever see that doesn't take place in a desert.

Other anime space westerns on the list include the classic Outlaw Star, and Coyote Ragtime Show as well. Are you looking for anime that does take place in a desert? If yes then surely you'll enjoy shows like Trigun and Desert Punk. Be sure to check out Trigun: Badlands Rumble as well if you like great anime movies set in the desert. 
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