The Best Characters on Westworld, Ranked

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These are the best characters on HBO's Westworld, ranked by viewers and fans. Based on the 1973 film, the 2017 HBO original series takes place in a highly advanced Wild West-themed amusement park where human guests can do whatever they want with and to the android hosts. Ranked from best to worst, the list of Westworld characters also has the actor names of Westworld cast. Who is the best character on Westworld?

Featuring Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), Maeve (Thandie Newton), the Man in Black (Ed Harris), Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins), and Teddy (James Marsden), the best Westworld characters include quotable and memorable villains, fan favorites, and characters we love to hate from all three seasons. For more great characters to fall in love with, you can also check out our list of other shows like Westworld.

While we wait for the next season to premiere, let's vote up the best characters on Westworld. Feel free to vote for your favorite Westworld characters or vote down the most annoying Westworld characters. You can also add any underrated Westworld characters missing from this list.

Most divisive: Charlotte Hale
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  • Man in Black
    265 votes

    Man in Black

  • Maeve Millay
    495 votes

    Maeve Millay

    Thandie Newton
  • Robert Ford
    412 votes
    Anthony Hopkins
  • Bernard Lowe
    354 votes
    Jeffrey Wright
  • Dolores Abernathy
    435 votes
    Evan Rachel Wood
  • Ashley Stubbs
    215 votes

    Ashley Stubbs

    Luke Hemsworth