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The Best 'Westworld' Quotes

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Westworld is a lot of things and many of them are hard to pin down. We aren't really sure if the show is a western, a sci-fi, a mediative look at power dynamics, or a mystery-box drama filled with sexy robots. But that doesn't make it any less great. 

If there's one thing we do know about Westworld for sure, however, it's that the show is far more quotable than it has any right to be. From insightful lines spoken by the hosts to just plain funny quips that come as a result of modern people living in a wild west world, the series has always had a way with dialogue.

So let's take a trip into the saloon filled with the best Westworld quotes and find out if these violent delights really do have violent ends, shall we, partner?

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    Fully Alive

    Dr. Robert Ford: There is no threshold that makes us greater than the sum of our parts, no inflection point at which we become fully alive. We can’t define consciousness because consciousness does not exist. Humans fancy that there’s something special about the way we perceive the world, and yet we live in loops as tight and as closed as the hosts do, seldom questioning our choices, content, for the most part, to be told what to do next.

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    Titan of Industry

    The Man in Black: You want to know who I am? Who I really am? I'm a god. Titan of industry. Philanthropist. Family man, married to a beautiful woman, father to a beautiful daughter. I'm the good guy, Teddy. Then, last year, my wife took the wrong pills. Fell asleep in the bath. Tragic accident. 30 years of marriage vanished. How do you say it? 'Like a deep and distant dream.' Then, at the funeral, I tried to console my daughter. She pushed me away, told me that my wife's death was no accident that she killed herself because of me. Emily said that every day with me had been sheer terror. At any point, I could blow up or collapse like some dark star.

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    William: I’ve been pretending my whole life. Pretending I don’t mind, pretending I belong. My life’s built on it. And it’s a good life. It’s a life I’ve always wanted. But then I came here and I get a glimpse for a second of a life in which I don’t have to pretend. A life in which I can be truly alive. How can I go back to pretending when I know what this feels like?

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    Dr. Robert Ford: Everything in this world is magic, except for the magician.

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