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The Most Hilarious Quotes From 'White Chicks'

The best White Chicks quotes have been collected together on this list, so when you want to revisit the 2004 comedy, you can see why exactly the film is so infamously remembered. The movie stars Marlon Wayans and Shawn Wayans as FBI agents who have to go undercover to solve a kidnapping plot. And the way they do that is by posing as white women. Relive the funniest moments of this undercover police comedy by reading the quotes below. 

Which White Chicks movie quotes do you remember from when you saw the film for the first time? Vote up all the lines that still make you laugh. 

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    Look, King Kong

    Marcus Copeland: Look, King Kong. Why don't you take you and your 1980s pick-up lines, climb all the way up to the top of the Empire State Building, beat on your big old monkey chest, and then jump off? Excuse me.

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      These Starving Kids in Africa

      Megan Vandergeld: These starving kids in Africa make me so sad. They don't even have to try to be skinny!

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        Somebody Throw Shamu Back in the Ocean

        Lisa: I'm Carnie Wilson before my gastric bypass surgery.

        Kevin Copeland: This one goes with your skin tone.

        Lisa: Somebody throw Shamu back in the ocean. Whoo.

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          MC Hammer Broke

          Kevin Copeland: Daddy didn't tell you? He's broke!

          Heather Vandergeld: What do you mean "broke"? Like, Martha Stewart "broke"? Or MC Hammer "broke"?

          Warren Vandergeld: MC Hammer broke!

          Megan Vandergeld/Heather Vandergeld: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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