The Best White Claw Hard Seltzer Flavors, Ranked

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Made with only 100 calories a can and infused with a range of bold flavors, White Claw Hard Seltzer is one of the most popular hard seltzer lines on the market. That’s why we’re ranking the best White Claw flavors. What does White Claw taste like? Our "experts" have provided short taste profiles for each flavor below. While they're all very different types of flavors, most White Claws are sweet, crisp, and yummy. 

What’s your favorite Crook and Marker flavor? With refreshing options like Raspberry, Mango, and Black Cherry, these drinks contain just 2g of carbs a can and are made with natural flavors. 

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  • Black Cherry
    Photo: White Claw
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    Black Cherry

     Black cherry has a hint of sweetness from a dark, ripe cherry with a crisp seltzer finish. While some of the other flavors seem to either lean "too sweet" or "too bitter," this one falls right in the middle. That's probably why black cherry is one of the first flavors to disappear from the variety pack.

  • Raspberry
    Photo: White Claw
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    This raspberry flavor packs a punch! While some of the other flavors seem to have a whisper of flavor, there is no missing the strong raspberry notes in this sweet song. While it is one of the more popular flavors, raspberry is also considered "too sweet" for some.

  • Tangerine
    Photo: White Claw
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    The tangerine White Claw is like a little burst of sunshine and a refreshing break from the other flavors some might think are overly sweet. This flavor closely resembles the flavor of a real sweet, yet semi-tart, citrus tangerine. This can is a real cutie! 

  • Watermelon
    Photo: White Claw
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    What could be better than juicy watermelon in the summer? White Claw's watermelon flavor gives you just that, with some gluten-free alcohol. If the citrus flavors are a bit much, watermelon might be a better option, while still having enough sweetness.

  • Mango
    Photo: White Claw
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    You can taste the sweet mango flavor the second it hits your tongue, leaving a tangy aftertaste most people love. Mango was released with the second variety pack and has climbed its way to the top.

  • Lemon
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    The lemon White Claw has a bright citrus flavor that will perk up those taste buds. It's basically a very light lemonade with sparkling water (and a bit of alcohol, of course).