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The Best Names For White Snakes

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There are many reasons why snakes make great pets. They do not require a lot of care and attention, so if you are always busy with work, then a snake is a great self-sufficient animal to have around the house. They don't smell, and they don't make a lot of noise, which is great if you live in an apartment. They also look really cool in their terrarium, especially if you get your hands on a gorgeous white snake (no, not the hair metal band from the '80s). You need the perfect name for your preciously white danger noodle, and there are plenty of cute white snake name ideas to choose from on this list. 

There are plenty of snakes out there that are naturally white. You may want to keep a white ball python in your home. You may even get lucky and find an albino corn snake to keep as a pet. Pale snake morphs that are pure white are incredibly rare, but if you have an opportunity to own one, then you should go for it. And even snakes that are yellow and white or soft coral pink and white are stunning serpent specimens.

This list of white snake names, as voted on by snake lovers around the world, has a bunch of cool names that go perfectly with your new friend. Vote up the best names for snakes with white scales and vote down any that pale in comparison.


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List Rules: Vote up the best, most fitting names to give your white snake.