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The Best Wii U Fighting Games

When it comes to fighting games for Wii U, your options are kind of limited. Luckily for you, however, the two best fighting games on Wii U make up for the lack of variety. The obvious choice for a Wii U fighting game (and must-buy for the console period) is Super Smash Bros Wii U. With over 50 characters, it's Nintendo's most ambitious Smash Bros game yet, boasting characters like Cloud Strife, Pacman, Ryu, and plenty of other mascots we never thought we'd see in fight each other. The other great game which was released in 2016 is Pokken Tournament, a game where we finally get the chance to have Pokemon fight each other in a fighting game style.

There are some other good Wii U fighting games, so please vote up the titles below that you've played so that other gamers  have some good recommendations for what to buy.

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