The Best Songs About Being Wild

There's nothing wrong with letting loose and having a wild time! The best wild songs encapsulate the feeling of being young and enjoying life. Every musician has a different idea of what a "wild" lifestyle looks like - from the Talking Heads's "Wild, Wild Life," to Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa's "Young, Wild & Free." 

What's the most popular song about being wild? Steppenwolf's motorcycle-gunning "Born to Be Wild" tops our list. This hit biker clasc is widely considered to be the first heavy-metal song, and was released in 1968.  

Lou Reed's timeless classic, "Take a Walk on the Wild Side," is equally popular. Produced by David Bowie in 1972, Reed's "Wild Side" was considered risqué and taboo at the time, because it discussed transsexuality, oral sex, drugs, and male prostitution. Each character in the song (Holly, Candy, Little Joe, Sugar Plum Fairy, and Jackie) was based on one of the "superstars" at Andy Warhol's New York Studio, the Factory.

Likewise, Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg's modern hit, "Young, Wild & Free" deals with similar subject matter - going out, smoking weed, getting drunk, and partying. On the opposite end of the wild song spectrum, Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams" is all about fantasizing and daydreaming about an old flame.

Vote up the best songs about living life on the wild side, and be sure to add any to the list that we may have left out. 
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