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Wild West Movies That Are Probably More Fun Than Going Out On A Friday Night

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There's an undeniable attraction to the lawlessness of the Wild West, where disputes were solved with fists and revolvers, the open frontier was vast and wild, good guys wore white and bad guys wore black, and booze flowed like water. In reality, of course, the romanticized depictions of the Wild West were nothing like the arid, dysentery-filled, boredom-packed reality - but that's why we have movies! We can enjoy the fantasy without all those pesky "facts" that always prove to be total bummers.

In an effort to keep the myth and mystique of frontier life alive, here's a look at some great Wild West movies that have all the gunslinging, whiskey-sipping, bandit punching, train-robbing, poker-playing fun you could possibly want. Some of these are often cited among the greatest Westerns ever made. Others on this list eschew realism or brutality in exchange for endless fun. Each of these, for different reasons, are well worth your time and just might scratch that itch for a retreat to a time of lawlessness and boundless exploration.

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