The Best Windows Phone Apps

The best Windows phone apps are all here for all Windows phone users to discover the best apps for Windows phone. With an amazing mix of social apps, productivity apps, and free apps for the Windows phone, there's only room to grow in the Windows app store and on the Windows mobile platform. Some of the greatest Windows apps are designed to help the user with work functions while other amazing apps for Windows phones are there to help pass the time with top notch entertainment.

Among this list of the hottest Windows phone apps are the best photo apps and the the best restaurant and food apps. Whether you're looking for your best friend or the best french fries in a new city, there are all sorts of apps for finding things and making stuff on this round-up of Windows phone apps.

Other excellent Windows apps let users connect with friends and loved ones via social networking. Facebook and Twitter come to mind. Still others allow everyone to learn where you are and what you're doing, as you become the Mayor of Whatever via Foursquare.

Gaming Windows apps are always popular. Over the years, apps like Angry Birds and Temple Run have gained millions of followers. Some of the game apps listed here are even free!

What are the best apps for Windows phones? What are the best apps for Windows Phone 7? What are the top apps for Windows Phone 8? Whether you're using Windows for HTC or Windows for Nokia, all of the best Windows mobile apps are here on this list of the top windows phone apps. If one of you favorite Windows apps is missing from the list, make sure to add it so other Windows mobile users can enjoy it too. Whether it's YouTube, Pandora, Flixster or Gmail, this list is all about the best of the best, so be sure to vote and even rerank to make your own list of the greatest Windows Phone apps ever.
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