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Wine Experts Share Tips To Help You Fake Your Way Through Your Next Dinner Party

18 Feb 2020 28 votes 10 voters17 items

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"What wine goes with Cap'n Crunch?" the late comedian George Carlin once asked. Not everyone is an oenophile, but somebody who offers wine advice has probably answered that question. Connoisseurs who do things with wine for a living, such as sommeliers and wine consultants, are usually happy to share their knowledge of pinot noir, sauvignon blac, and tannins with people who are intimidated by wine lists and/or fancy French words. They just want you to enjoy the fruits of the vine as much as they do.

Wine experts on Reddit have taken part in AMAs about their favorite subject, answering questions from both wine newbies and people who already know what a punt is (the indentation or dimple at the bottom of a glass wine bottle).

They offer advice on everything from the best cheap wines to which wine you should pair with asparagus. Cheers to them for not only offering helpful tips, but also for reminding us that the world of wine is for everyone, not just people who can afford the most expensive bottles.