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Wine Experts Share Tips To Help You Fake Your Way Through Your Next Dinner Party

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"What wine goes with Cap'n Crunch?" the late comedian George Carlin once asked. Not everyone is an oenophile, but somebody who offers wine advice has probably answered that question. Connoisseurs who do things with wine for a living, such as sommeliers and wine consultants, are usually happy to share their knowledge of pinot noir, sauvignon blac, and tannins with people who are intimidated by wine lists and/or fancy French words. They just want you to enjoy the fruits of the vine as much as they do.

Wine experts on Reddit have taken part in AMAs about their favorite subject, answering questions from both wine newbies and people who already know what a punt is (the indentation or dimple at the bottom of a glass wine bottle).

They offer advice on everything from the best cheap wines to which wine you should pair with asparagus. Cheers to them for not only offering helpful tips, but also for reminding us that the world of wine is for everyone, not just people who can afford the most expensive bottles. 

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    Pair With The Sauce Rather Than The Meat

    From Redditor /u/connie_con_con:

    Many wine experts suggest pairing with the sauce instead of the meat.

    Because cod is so delicate, this is probably the best route. Maybe a rose would give... the best of both worlds.

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    Define Your Sparkle

    From Redditor /u/DixieLiquor:

    In Italian, the "full sparkly" is called "spumate," and the "kind of sparkly" is called "frizzante." That should help somewhat with checking a label.

    You can also look at the cork - spumate wines will have a muselet cork; frizzante wines usually have a regular cork, twist-off, or crown cap.

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    How To Pick Wine For A Holiday Party

    Question from Redditor /u/ tontovila :

    If someone says "bring a bottle of wine" for Christmas or Thanksgiving, how do I pick one? I don't drink wine...

    Answer from Redditor /u/DustyBosie:

    Thanksgiving wine I'd say is up there with one of the most difficult pairings to make, primarily because it's a table full of competing flavors. You have the turkey (and who knows how it's been prepared), mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, freaking cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, parsnips, and those are all big bold flavors...

    Your best bet for Thanksgiving... would be something elegent and laid back. A Willamette or Loire pinot noir would be pretty ideal... [S]omething that will... not try to [compete with] the food for attention.

    [For] Christmas though, Zinfandel! Find a big... bottle of velvety, f*ck-the-snow zinfandel, save it for dessert in front of the fire, and tell every embarrassing family story you can think of.

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    Rich Whites Are A Good Supplement For Reds To Avoid Headaches

    Question from Redditor /u/QueenOfBaking7081:

    I get migraines from red wine. What type of white wine goes with foods normally served with red?

    Answer from Redditor /u/DustyBosie:

    A wine that's aged in oak would be a really good place to experiment. A rich chardonnay from California or a marsanne-roussanne blend from France would fit that.

    Also, a lot of whites from South America (like torrontes) would work since a lot of the fruit flavors tend to be fairly bold and long-lasting on the palate.

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