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The Best Wine Cooler Brands

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This list contains information on the best wine cooler companies, ranked by your votes. Wine coolers gained popularity in the 1980s and have remained a favorite alcoholic beverage among drinkers with sensitive taste buds ever since. Wine coolers are a great alternative to beer and liquor for those who don't really like the taste of alcohol. This list of wine cooler manufacturers will send you in the right direction if you're looking for a refreshing and tasty beverage to enjoy under the sun.

There are several great wine cooler brands available in stores all over the world. Some top wine cooler brands offer a variety of delicious flavors. When making a list of the greatest wine cooler brands, Bartles and Jaymes is one of the top picks because it's an old classic. These brightly colored can be mixed with ice in a blender, enjoyed directly from the bottle, or if you're looking to brighten it up a bit, add some fresh fruit!

Years after wine coolers found their place on the shelves, Mike's Hard Lemonade emerged to become one of the best wine cooler brands on the market. Zima was a briefly popular wine cooler brand that was first offered to consumers in the early 1990s. This good wine cooler brand could be adapted to any flavor by simply adding a Jolly Rancher to the mix. Bacardi, Strawberry Hill, and Hooper's Hootch are all examples of other brands that appear on this best wine cooler company list.

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