The Best Wineries in California

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List of top California wineries. What are the best wineries in California to visit? This list ranks the most popular wineries in California, from the beautiful landscapes to the crisp white wines and satisfying reds. This list of the top California vineyards to visit will guide anyone on a great wine tasting adventure through the popular Napa Valley and Sonoma County and beyond. 

Because California is such a large region, almost 90 percent of American wines are produced in the Golden State. Wine production in California is separated by four main regions: North Coast, South Coast, Central Coast and Central Valley. Inside these larger regions are smaller regions. The North Coast wine region, for example, is most notable for Napa Valley wines, Sonoma County wines and Mendocino wines.

The northern California region has been coined as Wine Country because of it's production of premium wines and is a top destination for wine connoisseurs. Almost half of all wineries in California are located in Northern California where the majority of grape harvesting is located in the valleys. Today, Wine Country is known for its outdoorsy culture, historic appeal, wine attractions and superb dining with notable chefs and restauranteurs flocking to the region. 

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