The Best Wineries in Spain

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List of the top wineries in Spain. What are the best wineries to visit in Spain? This list ranks some of the most famous wineries and vineyards in Spain, the world's third largest producer of wine. Spain is known for providing top quality and affordable wines. Spain is also most notable for producing sherry and cava wines. 

There are two major wine regions in Spain, the Ribera del Duero and Rioja. Though Spain is home to over 600 grape varieties, there are a few major types of wine that are most noted for originating in Spain. Writer Ernest Hemingway was a popular drinker of Tempranillo, a red wine from a black grape variety that has a fruity flavor profile, through neutral in smell. Sherry wine is also a popular Spanish wine that is produced in the southern region of Spain. Sherry is a fortified wine that contains between 15 to 20% alcohol, ranging in taste from light and delicate to rich and sweet. Cava is a Spanish sparking wine popularized by the world-famous Cordorniu Winery. 

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  • Vega Sicilia
    22 votes
  • Emilio Lustau
    16 votes

    Emilio Lustau

  • La Rioja Alta
    18 votes

    La Rioja Alta

  • Lopez De Haro
    14 votes

    Lopez De Haro

  • Marfil Alella
    14 votes

    Marfil Alella

  • Bodegas Muga
    14 votes

    Bodegas Muga