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15 Winston and Ferguson Moments on New Girl That Capture Cat Lovers Perfectly

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New Girl is one of the best shows on television, because it portrays relationships absolutely perfectly. All types of relationships, including those between cats and their owners. Ever since Winston Bishop stole his ex-girlfriend's cat and decided not to kill it, America has been in the presence of one of the greatest on-screen duos in the history of the medium. Winnie the Bish & Ferguson or GTFO. With that in mind, it's time to take a gander at the best Winston and Ferguson moments. 

Benchmarks in Winston and Ferguson's love affair include emotional breakthroughs, epic quests, and the "Winston and Ferguson about to split some pasta" song. Which is probably the greatest song ever written, as Paul McCartney has apparently secretly admitted to those most dear to him. On this list you will find some of the most ridiculous Winston and Ferguson scenes, which are also some of the most spot-on cat person moments ever. The love between Winston and Ferguson has spanned many seasons, but it will truly last forever. This list of best Winston and Ferguson moments is dedicated to all the cat lovers out there.

Read on for the most spot-on New Girl cat person moments, and leave a comment if you think anything is missing from this list. 

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    Winston Reminds the Gang They're Missing Out Not Maximizing Their Relationships with Ferguson

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    Season 4, Episode 18

    The Ferguson Moment: After being teased by his roommates for having a cat, Winston reminds them they all, in fact, live with a cat, but he is the only one who really enjoys it.

    Why It's Perfect: Look, if you are not spending personal leisure time with a cat, you just don't get it. If you don't take the time to get to know the cat in your house, then it's your loss. Because, oh, the stories they could tell. It's kind of like having a roommate who's always high - you hate it because of the smell and the mess, but if you were high, would you really care? 

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    Winston Refers to Jess as Ferguson's Sister

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    Season 5, Episode 2

    The Ferguson Moment: While Winston is brushing Ferguson, Jess admits to him that she's in love with her boyfriend's parents, but doesn't like her boyfriend. Angry and disappointed, Winston tells Ferguson to clear his schedule, because he "needs to talk to [Ferguson's] sister." He also asks Ferguson whether he's been hanging around the wharf, because he's got a big knot in his fur. 

    Why It's Perfect: Cats are part of your family, just like everyone living in the house, and should be addressed as such! They can be children, siblings, even grandchildren. No matter what, cats deserve a spot in the family tree. 

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    Winston Brushes Ferguson, and They Have Spirited Banter

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    Season 5, Episode 2

    The Ferguson Moment: While brushing knots out of Ferguson's hair, Winston tells him they're in a "hairy" situation. And he can't get over how funny it is.

    Why It's Perfect: You spend so much time with your cat every day, but the jokes just don't get old. And there are so many! Plus, your cat totally thinks they are funny, fur real. It's a purr-fect situation. Are you kitten me? Sorry, that was clawful. Let's try to remain pawsitive about the situation. 

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    Winston Buys a Cat Hotel

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    Season 5, Episode 11

    The Ferguson Moment: A mysterious box arrives at the loft, and Winston insists it isn't his, because it's too big to be a pair of pants and too small to be a cat hotel, and there's nothing else he would order. 

    Why It's Perfect: You dream of having the space and money to give your cat everything she deserves. A cat mansion! A cat convertible (catmobile?)! Your cat should have it all. And Winston realizes the dream, living in a spacious loft on his LAPD salary. 

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