The Most Anticipated Anime Of Winter 2022, Ranked

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Now that New Year's celebrations are over and the fall 2021 anime season is wrapping up, it's time to start getting hyped about all the great winter 2022 anime that's about to drop. 

Some of the most anticipated anime of 2022 are sequels to beloved anime from previous seasons. Demon Slayer is out with a new season, while Attack on Titan is wrapping up for good. Don't want to play catch-up? Don't worry, there are lots of intriguing anime that are just starting out, such as Sabikui Bisco and My Dress-Up Darling. There are even a few movies coming out, such as Fruits Basket: Prelude and The Orbital Children.

Will any of these be the best anime of 2022? That remains to be seen, but a lot of them sure have potential.


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    Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2

    Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2
    Photo: Attack on Titan / MAPPA

    Release Date: January 10

    The epic story of Attack on Titan finally comes to an end in winter 2022 - that is, unless they extend it for yet another season. Either way, fans are about to find out what happens after all the major revelations about the world outside the walls and the protagonist's intentions.

    Stay tuned, because it's about to get wild. 

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    Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc

    Release Date: December 5, 2021

    The new season of Demon Slayer is here, and so far, it's just as good as expected. Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu accompany Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui to the Entertainment District, where they seek out his missing wives and try to stop a demon on the loose. 

    This arc technically premiered in December 2021, but it's considered part of the winter 2022 season. 

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  • My Dress-Up Darling
    Photo: My Dress-Up Darling / CloverWorks

    Release Date: January 9

    Wakana Gojou loves making traditional hina dolls, but he knows that if his classmates find out about his hobby, they'll rip him apart. That's why when his popular classmate Marin discovers his secret, he's terrified.

    But Marin doesn't want to ruin his reputation. Instead, she wants him to create pieces she can use for cosplay. Wakana isn't exactly into the idea at first, but Marin is persuasive. 

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    Teasing Master Takagi-san Season 3

    Teasing Master Takagi-san Season 3
    Photo: Teasing Master Takagi-san / Shin-Ei Animation

    Release Date: January 8

    Takagi knows just what makes Nishikata tick - and she's more than happy to use that information to embarrass him.

    If you already love this series, you'll be happy to know that Season 3 is coming out soon. If you're not familiar, think Miss Nagatoro but way more wholesome. 

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    The Strongest Sage of Disqualified Crest

    Release Date: January 8

    The Strongest Sage of Disqualified Crest is set in a world where mages are assigned a "mark" at birth. These marks determine what sort of magical abilities the person will have. A powerful sage decides that he'd rather have a mark that's useful for combat, so he reincarnates as Mathias Hildesheimr many years in the future.

    This doesn't go as planned. While he does get the mark he wanted, the world of the future places little value on it. What's more, he's one of the only people who can stand up to a massive danger facing humankind. 

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    Love of Kill

    Love of Kill
    Photo: Love Of Kill / Platinum Vision

    Release Date: January 12

    Chateau Dankworth is a bounty hunter who can take down any target. But when she encounters Son Ryang-ha, a dangerous man who once eliminated 18 elite officials in just one night, she seems to have met her match. It's not that he's so much stronger than her - it's that he's in love with her.

    His methods of trying to win her heart involve things like tying up her targets and presenting them to her to easily destroy. Chateau isn't thrilled about this, but she decides to go along with it in the hopes of finally taking him down. 

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