The Best Winter Clothing Brands

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No two ways about it, winter clothes must keep their wearer warm. But comfort throughout the chilly season doesn't mean that shoppers have to forgo style. Many clothing companies specialize in making winter clothing that is both practical and fashionable, crafted from materials designed to last. Whether consumers are outdoor enthusiasts or simply people trying to keep warm, there's a brand for them. Some winter apparel is designed for mountain treks during snowy conditions while other good winter clothes are perfect for daily commuters. Several of the best winter clothing brands make everything from jackets to socks.

What companies will you find on this list of the best winter clothing brands? The North Face is one of the most popular brands when it comes to winter wear. Whether you are planning a December camping trip or just looking to stay comfortable as you shop for the holidays, The North Face has you covered. REI is another good brand that makes winter clothing.

In sub-zero temperatures, Marmot's snug hoods and warm inner-linings help keep you cozy. Other great companies featured on this top winter clothing brands list include Patagonia, Nike, and Mountain Hardwear.

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