The Best Winter Destinations

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The best winter destinations in the world are here to vote on in this list of the best winter destinations. Whether you're looking for the best beaches in the winter or the best place to ski and snowboard, this list should point you towards the winter travel spots the most people enjoy.

There are two kinds of places you want to be in the winter: places with tons of snow and great winter recreational activities like skiing and snowboarding, or places with bountiful sunshine where you can find respite from the brutal, cold winter you're enduring the rest of the time you're not on vacation. On this list, you're getting a look at both options. The best cities to snowboard and ski are right next to the cities with the best beaches. The cities with the best winter sports are next to the cities that have the warmest winter weather. Whatever sort of winter getaway you're planning, there's a city on this list for you.

What are the top cities for winter travel? What are the best winter vacation spots? What cities have the best skiing? Where are the best beaches in the winter? What cities are best for winter sports? There are a lot of questions that go into thinking about winter travel! Hopefully after looking at this list of the greatest winter travel spots- ranked from best to worst by travelers like you- will help you find your favorite winter destination. If you don't see your top winter travel spot on the list of the top winter travel cities, make sure to add it.
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