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The Best Witch Manga

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For those who loves broomsticks and magic spells, let's rank the best witch manga of all time, including any manga that prominently feature witches as part of the overall story. There are a lot of good manga that involve witchcraft of some sort, so use this list as a recommendation guide if you love the occult!

One super popular witch manga is Witch’s Shop, a story about a princess witch named HyoHwa who is on a journey to collect 10,000 human souls. Another good manga with witch characters is Strike Witches, an interesting series about girls who fight each other in the air by using machines on their legs. It's an interesting take on the traditional broom, which is a staple flying tool for witches.

These manga about witches are ranked by your votes, so don't be shy about expressing your opinion and influencing the order of the list!

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