The Most Woke Movies of All Time

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Movies that focus on social and racial justice issues.

The term woke is relatively new to our vernacular, but socially conscious movies that bring awareness to issues have been around since the dawn of the cinema. Thanks to a growing number of diverse writers/directors such as Jordan Peele, Greta Gerwig, and Ryan Coogler to name a few; we are seeing some of the best woke films now landing on the tips of everyone’s tongues. Mind opening films that are worth talking about, that address issues we need to be talking about is a perfect recipe to raise awareness to any and all social issues. The recent box office success of good woke movies shows that filmgoers want to see more of them and the growing number of avenues to exhibit these films (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) gives the public more access than ever to do so! Don't see your top woke movie? Feel free to add it to this list of woke movies.

What are the most woke films of all time? Let us know by voting up your favorite movies for the woke!

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