The Best Woke-Up-Like-This Hair And Makeup In TV And Film

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Woke-up-like-this makeup in movies and television provides another unrealistic goal for the common man or woman to chase. Through common knowledge and TMZ, people understand celebrities get touched up before they shoot anything, be it a movie, music video, or even an Instagram post. Early morning hair and makeup in media comes across as authentic as Milli Vanilli, yet this never stops directors from shooting bedroom scenes with actors and actresses who clearly didn't "wake up like this" in TV and film. Though the characters on this list just woke up, and some after rough nights, they look like they've been in hair and makeup for at least an hour. Not exactly a ***flawless transition, if you're being honest with yourself.

The best woke-up-like-this hair and makeup in TV and film makes for both great cinema and terrible misconceptions. How will your child get out of bed each morning when they expect to look like Blair Waldorf yet actually look like everyone else: bed-headed? Once you uncover all the photo tricks used to make people look hotter, you realize most visual content you consume already got sent through a Photoshop artist and about five different filters. Unless you are Beyoncé, you probably did not wake up looking like any of the actresses below. If you are Beyonce, though, share those secrets!