The Best Women's Magazines (US)

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Magazines directed at women only! Political or other special interest mags belong on a different list.

A list of the top US Women's Interest Magazines, as voted on by readers of the publication. Quality of writing, strength of voice, variety of topics covered and usefulness of articles were all taken into consideration when making this list. Women's interest magazines have always been the bread-and-butter of publishing companies because they offer so many opportunities for advertisers. In the past century, women have benefited this as the number and variety of magazines targeting towards them continues to grow. 

Cosmopolitan's Helen Gurley Brown was arguably the most influential women's magazine editor. Her days revamping Cosmopolitan in the 1960s paved the way for many more magazines to develop a voice that is more consistent with what women actually care about. (Thus the move away from predominately housekeeping related magazines to magazines about sex, friendships and work drama.)  

Featuring the most popular magazines centering on female related issues, this list includes famous women's mags like Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, and more. 

Which US women's magazines do you devour every month? Which ones are overrated? Vote on the list below and add your favorites. 

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