The Best Women Directed Movies Of 2022

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With so many good 2022 movies directed by women it is tough to determine the best. The films on this list are incredibly diverse. The Pink Cloud is a sci-fi drama thriller that is eerily similar to real-world events while The Fallout seems like it could have been ripped right from newspaper headlines. You also have comedies like Hulu's Sex Appeal which is a teenage rom-com. Horror fans will want to keep an eye out for Hatching which is a finnish language body horror movie directed by a woman in 2022. 2021 was a successfull year for female directors and this year should see that momentum continue.

Vote up your favorite movies that were directed by women in 2022, vote down the ones you think fans should skip, and check back throughout the year as new and upcoming women directed films are added to the list once they are released.

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