The Best TV Shows About Women Having A Midlife Crisis

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Vote up the best scripted shows about women shaking things up after 40.

Stories about guys panicking when they realize they're getting old are a dime a dozen, but it's not as common to find TV shows about women having a midlife crisis. Whether they see their kids off to college and finally get to live for themselves, or just decide that life after forty needed a bit more illegal activity, women's midlife crisis shows are some of the best shows for women, thanks in part to the talented older female casts.

Feeling like you've passed your creative prime is scary enough, but add actual ghosts? That's a crisis, and Shining Vale takes a woman's midlife crisis in a cursed house and runs with it. Both Mrs. Fletcher and Lust have older female characters who find themselves wondering if there are more and better romantic options out there after turning forty. In The House of Flowers and Good Girls, women find their steady and comfortable lives shaken up for them and have to scramble to reinvent themselves and their goals.

Which female midlife crisis shows are the best? Vote up your favorites - whether you love them because you hope your later years are that fun, or because you just love some good schadenfreude.