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The Best Golf Shoe Brands for Women

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Golf is all about the swing, and the swing is all about the shoe... kind of. Okay, it might not be all about the shoe, but any pro golfer will tell you that wearing the proper golf shoe will add stability to your swing. But what brand will help you the most the next time you hit the links? Check out our list of best women's golf shoe brands to find out! 

Much of a golfer's swing is not just based in the arms and waist, but also in the feet. Next time you watch the Women's PGA Championship, just check out the rotation of the players' feet. Golf shoes for women provide extra support for the midfoot - which is super important because golfers end their stroke on the balls of their feet. Not to mention that turf gripping spikes are a necessity on slippery, soggy greens. 

Naturally, the big names in golf like Callaway and Nike make great women's golf shoes. But names you might not have expected, like Crocs and Skechers, make shoes that are perfect for going the full 18 holes.

So before you lace up those old tennis shoes for your next game, take a look at our list of the best women's golf shoes brands. Vote up the brand that's a hole in one!