The Best Wonder Woman Storylines in Comics

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As we finally got to see on the big screen, Wonder Woman is truly one of the best comic book characters in existence. She has the strength of Ares and the grace of Athena; she is in many ways unique, even in a world of comic books bursting with hundreds of characters. Wonder Woman comic books have been around since the '40s, so there is no shortage of lore and awe-inspiring Wonder Woman storylines that simply must be read.

There have, of course, been a lot of writers to pen the tales of Diana, but the best Wonder Woman stories are those written by the people who understand Diana's character on a fundamental level. Pretty much all of those are in here.

Here's a list of Wonder Woman's greatest adventures. Good luck feeling tough after reading these.

  • Gods And Mortals
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    "Gods and Mortals" is now viewed as the true origin story of Diana Prince. Maintaining much of her origins from Martson's creation, George Perez deepened the mythos by filling in the gaps with more Greek mythology, like her creation by Zeus, her first battle with Ares, and the Amazons relocation to their Themyscira. It's the real deal. 

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    The Hiketeia
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    Batman v Wonder Woman is pretty much all that needs to be said. Greg Rucka is one of the most respected WW authors and this was his first addition to Diana's canon. The story is very complex: a woman murders the sex traffickers her killed her sister for which Batman pursued her. The woman invoked an ancient Greek ritual, bringing Diana to her defense, and forcing two titans of DC to face off. 

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  • Eyes Of The Gorgon
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    A lot of stuff goes down in Eyes of the Gorgon. There's political intrigue on both earth and Olympus that Diana must navigate, all while she has to face one of the most famous monsters in mythology, Medusa. Wonder Woman is forced to take extreme measures to defeat Medusa, which has ramifications beyond just this story arc. This story is to be celebrated for its commitment to Diana's origins in the Greek mythos. 

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    Year One
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    Greg Rucka is one of the most iconic Wonder Woman writers, and his 2016 Year One is more evidence as to why. His mastery of the character's inner workings are on display, giving her a soft reboot that still remains true to George Perez's definitive '80s origin story for Diana. What is so great about Year One is that it introduces Barbara Ann Minerva as a friend of Diana before she turns into the Cheetah, leading to a very complicated relationship between the adversaries. What's more, Diana's bisexuality is finally revealed, but in a tactful manner, raising the already high bar of social relevancy Wonder Woman had set.

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  • Challenge Of The Gods
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    Challenge of the Gods takes on misogyny as Diana must spurn the advances of Zeus who literally tries to force her into marriage. As if that's not enough, the current Cheetah, Barbara Ann Minerva, has her origins in this story, beginning her role as one of Diana's greatest adversaries. So too must she face some of the most monstrous creatures of Greek mythology, the Hydra, the Hecatoncheires, and more. 

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  • JLA: A League Of One
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    Christopher Moeller was a Magic: The Gathering artist before he was given the opportunity to take a crack at Diana Prince, and he brought that unique background with him. There are more fantasy elements in A League of One than most of the heroine's stories and it adds quite a bit. Diana must first face off against her allies, displaying her power and rightful place atop the pantheon, and ultimately takes on an ancient dragon alone. 

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