28 Times Wonder Woman Was Way More Awesome Than Batman, And Superman, And You

The game just changed for the DC Extended Universe. Wonder Woman is going to take your breath away. In every sense. This is the Wonder Woman film we've all been waiting for, and it was so worth the wait. Gal Gadot is a marvel to behold. She graces the screen with a godlike presence. It will give you some feelings.

It does not matter who you are, you’re going to fall in love with her character when you watch this movie. She’s truly a goddess. Man, woman, gay, straight—doesn’t matter. Even if you’re into dudes—when Chris Pine is next to her, she makes him look subhuman. Like a chimpanzee. And not even a chimpanzee with its sh*t together. 

And don't get it twisted - it's not her physical attractiveness that makes her shine. She exudes strength and grace. Pure power. She is truly awe-inspiring. And she just provides so much badassery that you may need to see a proctologist after this movie. So without further ado, here are all of the scenes in the Wonder Woman movie where Diana Prince shows us the true meaning of badass. Be warned, there are SPOILERS ahead!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY

  • The Time Little Diana Plotted Her Future Glory

    The Time Little Diana Plotted Her Future Glory
    Photo: Warner Bros.

    In the beginning of the movie, we get to see little Diana running around, training in secret, as she dreams of one day becoming a warrior. She's already more badass at this point than 99% of humanity. In this scene, she's eyeing the sword they call "The God Killer" that she wishes to one day wield. Three guesses on whether or not that wish ever comes to fruition.

  • The Time Diana Trained Against ALL The Amazons

    The Time Diana Trained Against ALL The Amazons
    Photo: Warner Bros.

    Against her mother's wishes, Diana was determined to become a warrior. Finally bending to her daughter's will, Queen Hippolyta allowed her daughter to train with the Amazons, who basically had to all take her on at once to make it a fair fight. Still, she pwned those fools. 

  • The Time Diana Discovered Her Power

    The Time Diana Discovered Her Power
    Photo: Warner Bros.

    As Diana's aunt, the (second) fiercest Amazonian warrior comes at Diana in straight up berserker mode, Diana clashes her bracelets together and creates a shockwave that blasts Aunt Antiope through the air. It's the moment that Diana begins to truly understand what she's capable of, and it's done so well.

  • The Time Diana Cliff-Dived Like A Boss

    The Time Diana Cliff-Dived Like A Boss
    Photo: Warner Bros.

    Cliff-dived? Cliff dove? Whatever. She did it like a mother flippin' boss! Diana sees a plane crash into the ocean off the coast of Themyscira and, despite having no idea what a plane is, she dives off a cliff to go investigate. It's just a super cool scene.

  • The Time Diana Saved Steve Trevor

    The Time Diana Saved Steve Trevor
    Photo: Warner Bros.

    Steve Trevor is a world class spy, war hero, and helpless man-baby when he's next to Diana. When his plane crash lands in the waters around Themyscira, Diana plucks him from the ocean, saving his life for the first time.

  • The Time Diana Armed Herself For War

    The Time Diana Armed Herself For War
    Photo: Warner Bros.

    Diana's mother Queen Hippolyta forbids Diana from going off to war, but Diana won't take that lying down. She breaks into the Amazonian Armory by scaling a sheer wall, creating her own handholds by smashing the masonry, then drops into the room where the God Killer is stored, stealing it and all the other necessary armaments. It's another one of those scenes where you find yourself inexplicably brimming with pride.