The Best Starting Words On 'Wordle'

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We are ranking the best starting words for Wordle! Featuring a variety of words that could be the beginning answer to the popular five letter vocabulary game, every word on the list can also serve as a great starting point to guide your way to figuring out the Wordle of the day. As every Wordle answer of 2022 have the potential to be some of the hardest answers of the year, the best way to figure out the Wordle of the day is to guess a word that narrow downs your possibilities. Some of these words on the list are statistically the best word to start Wordle due to the use of vowels, and common consonants. 

While some words like “Audio”, “Adieu”, and “Irate” are the most optimal starting words for Wordle for having a lot of vowels, words like “Slate”, “Recap”, and “Least” are great for narrowing down your options to find the answer Meanwhile starting words like “Butts”, “Moans”, and "Anime" can potentially be the best starting word for Wordle due to their unique spelling as Wordle answers, but can serve as a fun answer that will make people's day for when they figure it out. What do you think the best word to start Wordle with is?

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  • Least


    25 votes
  • Adieu


    24 votes
  • Ratio


    14 votes
  • Crate


    13 votes
  • Slate


    8 votes
  • Recap


    14 votes