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The Best Workaholics Quotes of All Time

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Work is the last thing on the minds of the hilarious characters in Workaholics. The best Workaholics quotes often have nothing to do with job duties or office memos, rather they come during the off-hours of Blake, Adam and Ders. The series premiered on Comedy Central in 2011 and features a talented cast including Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine and Anders Holm. This list features some of Workaholic's best quotes and jokes, to date.

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    Loosey Goosey

    Adam DeMamp: "It's not that you have a loose butthole, you are loose butthole."
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    How Low Can You Go?

    How Low Can You Go?
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    Blake Henderson: "What is the absolute least amount of money you could get paid to blow a guy?"

    Anders Holmvik: "Now we're talking."

    Adam DeMamp: "If I'm honest with myself... I'd have to say $900."
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    Adam on Love

    Adam on Love
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    Adam DeMamp: "You know it might be the bath salts talking, but I love that girl."
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    Anders Holmvik: "Dude, we're going straight to PoundTown. Population 3. chief import, beer. chief export, swaaaaag."
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