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The Best Workout For Your Zodiac Sign

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Astrology, the study of how the constellations in the sky impact our daily lives, can offer some fascinating insights as to our personalities, and even help with decisions like picking a fitness regimen. The stars have a lot to say about the amount of shuteye you need, what wild partying you may have been up to the night before, or even the best workout for your zodiac sign.

Feeling stuck in your routine or missing a routine entirely? Astrology might offer a way to get your Leo butt back in gear and make your Instagram followers mega jealous of your gym selfies. Or maybe you're a Virgo, and you'd like to keep your six-pack a secret - that doesn't mean you don't want one, though.

Whether you're a couch potato or a seasoned athlete, astrology can help you find a new workout you've never tried, or it may confirm what you already knew about how your sign says you should work out. Everybody has their own fitness style, so try these zodiac sign workouts and see how they fit you.

  • The Fire sign Aries loves to hustle, so your best bet is to find a way to put your iron will to the test. Since you also thrive in competition, group classes with a high intensity focus are the best way to get you in fighting shape - perhaps literally. Try boxing classes, Crossfit, or any in-person cycling class that has a leader board like Soulcycle or Flywheel. Just be careful not to crush your rivals (too much).

    You're also a trendsetter, so feel free to treat yourself to some new gym clothes if you need a little motivation; be sure to don your killer athleisure when you grab a post-workout green smoothie. Those leggings don't wear themselves.

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  • The bull hates to be rushed, so look for a workout routine that gives you both a smooth rhythm and the occasional punch. Pilates or power yoga works with stabilizers and deep muscles which compliments your steady nature. As a grounded Earth sign, be sure to take your exercise outside with runs, hikes, or even a few burpees in the park.

    You're great at picking a routine and sticking with it, which means you're likely to reach your fitness goals. After you settle into your regimen, shake it up every now and then. Goat Yoga? Why wouldn't you?

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    For a Gemini, routine is the enemy. Find variety in your workouts, or else you may quickly get bored. As an Air sign, the focused breathing of yoga or Pilates can work well for you, but make sure to try different classes and disciplines. You may enjoy a gym that offers lots of different classes, or try out some fun specialty studios.

    The twin flame of Gemini means any group fitness class that has teamwork is a great idea. Look for activities that spark your social side and get you connected with a good workout buddy. Picking an activity with limited partners like tennis, acroyoga, or even just tossing a fitness ball will help you find the kindred spirit that Geminis crave. As Geminis know, high-fives are the absolute best.

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  • Cancers love being at home, so an in-home workout may be a smart decision for you. Free yoga or bodyweight training workouts on Youtube may be the simple fitness plan you need. To step it up, invest in video packages made by companies like Beachbody, or make the leap to live streaming fitness like the cycling studio, Peloton.

    As a Water sign, a little pool time wouldn't hurt, either. The rhythmic nature of swimming offers Cancers a chance to reflect. If you've already got a pool at your house, then congratulations on your Cancer-tailored fitness pad, you healthy homebody.

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