The Best Workout Songs Of 2018

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Updated: Check out the best workout songs of 2019!

Good workout music can increase your adrenaline and inspire you to get moving, so it's vital to find the best workout songs before heading out the door to the gym. If you're looking for the newest music to sweat to, this 2018 workout music playlist should help! 

These recent workout songs are fast-paced, inspiring, and will energize you for lifting, running, biking, and everything else in between. From popular songs that top the charts to lesser known hits by more obscure artists, there are some great options below. Featuring hip-hop, EDM, dance pop, and gangsta rap, the best exercise music is not defined by any one genre.

What's the best workout music of the year? Help decide by voting up the best songs to listen to while working out, and feel free to add anything you think is missing. 

Most divisive: Chun-Li
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  • Kamikaze


    38 votes

    Album: Kamikaze

  • Venom


    95 votes

    Album: Kamikaze

  • Lucky You

    Lucky You

    48 votes

    Album: Kamikaze

  • chloraseptic Remix

    chloraseptic Remix

    28 votes

    Released following the album Revival

  • Fall


    36 votes

    Album: Kamikaze

  • Stranger Things

    Stranger Things

    71 votes