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The Best World Cities for Artists

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List of the best international cities for artists. The art community is spread far and wide across the globe. It is the dream of many young and seasoned artists to be able to tour the grounds of the Louvre or experience an underground art performance in Tokyo. If you are an artist or simply a lover of great art, this list explores, “what are the best world cities for artists?”

Since the United States is a relatively new culture, there isn’t the sort of artistic history that exists in international cities like Rome, London, and Vienna. In Florence, you can experience the rich history of groundbreaking artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Donatello. An artist in Saint Petersburg can explore any of the two hundred museums or wonder at the artistic architecture of Palace Square. No matter what your artistic preference, from historical to modern, there is something for any type of artist.

This list explores the best of the best world cities with strong artistic atmospheres. The art culture of these cities cannot be replicated through art classes at the local college. These cities have art that must be experienced first hand in order to inspire even the most novice artist.