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The Best World War 2 Manga

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Not only did Japan endure years of warfare prior to its official entry into World War II, the consequences for its attack on Pearl Harbor - two atomic bombs obliterating major cities - were severe and dramatic enough change the course Japanese history forever. Naturally, the war found its way into all forms of Japanese media, including its manga. 

Though inarguably a serious subject, some of the best World War 2 manga takes a lighthearted approach to the heavy material. Axis Powers Hetalia features anthromorphized versions of nations worldwide as they engage in warfare. Other manga about World War II take the subject far more seriously, as in Keiji Nakazawa's Barefoot Gen and Osamu Tezuka's Message to Adolf. Regardless of how these war manga artists choose to tackle the subject, readers can still extract powerful lessons about history from them. 

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