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The Best 'Worst Cooks In America' Winners, Ranked

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Which Worst Cooks In America winner made the most improvement? The show's recruits go through a culinary boot camp, learning easy ways to take their cooking skills from zero to delicious under the eye of their team leader. Who are the best Worst Cooks In America winning recruits? Help decide below!

Whether they competed on the red team under Anne Burrell or the blue team under chefs like Bobby Flay, Rachel Ray, or Robert Irvine, these competitors worked to become the best of the worst. Challenges to learn better knife skills, plating techniques, and types of food all are part of the journey to win Worst Cooks In America. This list includes the winners from the Worst Cooks in America celebrity edition. These celebrity seasons show us that even an icon like La Toya Jackson or a television personality like Jenni "JWoww" Farley can also be terrible cooks who have the ability to improve.

Which winning novice cook made the most improvement during their time on Worst Cooks In America? Vote up the best of the worst winners.

  • 1

    Winner: Season 5 (2014)
    Occupation: Tattoo artist
    Team: Blue (Chef Bobby Flay)

  • 2

    Winner: Season 15
    Occupation: Stay-at-home Mom
    Team: Red (Chef Anne Burrell)

  • 3

    Winner: Season 8 (2016)
    Occupation: Construction Worker
    Team: Red (Chef Anne Burrell)

  • 4

    Winner: Season 12 (2018)
    Occupation: Graduate Student
    Team: Red (Chef Anne Burrell)

  • 5

    Winner: Season 9 (Celebrity Edition 2)
    Occupation: The Real Co-Host and Comedian
    Team: Blue (Chef Rachel Ray)

  • 6

    Winner: Season 13 (Celebrity Edition 4)
    Occupation: Singer and Icon
    Team: Blue (Tyler Florence)

  • 7

    Winner: Season 4 (2013)
    Occupation: Caretaker/Actress
    Team: Blue (Chef Bobby Flay)

  • 8

    Winner: Season 3 (2012)
    Occupation: Stay-at-home mother
    Team: Red (Chef Anne Burrell)

  • 9

    Winner: Season 6 (2015)
    Occupation: Singer/Songwriter
    Team: Red (Chef Anne Burrell)

  • 10

    Winner: Season 14 (2018)
    Occupation: Model
    Team: Blue (Chef Robert Irvine)

  • 11

    Winner: Season 7 (Celebrity Edition)
    Occupation: Reality Television Star
    Team: Red (Chef Anne Burrell)

  • 12

    Winner: Season 22 (Best of the Worst)
    Occupation: Non-Profit Associate
    Team: Red (Chef Anne Burrell)

  • 13

    Winner: Season 1 (2010)
    Occupation: Marketing Website editor
    Team: Red (Chef Anne Burrell)

  • 14

    Winner: Season 21 (2021)
    Occupation: Bartender
    Team: Blue (Chef Carla Hall)

  • 15

    Winner: Season 10 (2017)
    Occupation: Photographer
    Team: Red (Chef Anne Burrell)

  • 16

    Winner: Season 18 (2020)
    Occupation: Aspiring Cosmetologist
    Team: Red (Chef Anne Burrell)

  • 17

    Winner: Season 17 (2019)
    Occupation: Zumba Instructor for Seniors
    Team: Blue (Chef Bobby Flay)

  • 18

    Winner: Season 11 (Celebrity Edition 3)
    Occupation: Gossip Blogger
    Team: Blue (Chef Rachel Ray)

  • 19

    Winner: Season 2 (2011)
    Occupation: Attorney
    Team: Red (Chef Anne Burrell)

  • 20

    Winner: Season 16 (Celebrity Edition 5)
    Occupation: Retired Figure Skater/Reality TV Personality
    Team: Red (Chef Anne Burrell)

  • 21

    Winner: Season 19 (Celebrity Edition 6)
    Occupation: Bachelor in Paradise star 
    Team: Red (Chef Anne Burrell)

  • 22

    Winner: Season 20 (2020)
    Occupation: Teacher
    Team: Blue (Chef Alex Guarnaschelli)