Horrible Horror Films That Are Fun As Heck To Watch

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Horror movie fans know that there are two best-case scenarios when watching a genre film: the movie is either an intense, scary film that terrifies the viewer, thus creating a unique and memorable experience... or the movie is so terrible in execution but so earnest in its mission that it becomes a transcendent experience. Think of any movie ever featured on cult favorite Mystery Science Theater 3000 as a prime example of the best bad horror movies. These are movies that allow audiences to enjoy the film in a wholly new way - trading screams and scares for cackling and cracking jokes. 

The best worst horror movies aren't limited to low-budget endeavors by unknown directors hoping to make their mark in the cinematic world. For every Birdemic or Troll 2, there is a terrible decision by a larger studio that threatens to ruin an established franchise like Halloween. Other times, a studio gives a first-time director a chance, who inadvertently creates insanity in film form. A number of factors can create a horror movie that might not scare audiences, but still provide one heck of a fun time all the same.