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Horrible Horror Films That Are Fun As Heck To Watch

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Horror movie fans know that there are two best-case scenarios when watching a genre film: the movie is either an intense, scary film that terrifies the viewer, thus creating a unique and memorable experience... or the movie is so terrible in execution but so earnest in its mission that it becomes a transcendent experience. Think of any movie ever featured on cult favorite Mystery Science Theater 3000 as a prime example of the best bad horror movies. These are movies that allow audiences to enjoy the film in a wholly new way - trading screams and scares for cackling and cracking jokes. 

The best worst horror movies aren't limited to low-budget endeavors by unknown directors hoping to make their mark in the cinematic world. For every Birdemic or Troll 2, there is a terrible decision by a larger studio that threatens to ruin an established franchise like Halloween. Other times, a studio gives a first-time director a chance, who inadvertently creates insanity in film form. A number of factors can create a horror movie that might not scare audiences, but still provide one heck of a fun time all the same.

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    Troll 2 is a self-proclaimed "best worst movie," with a 2009 documentary about the flick using that designation as its name. Originally called Goblin, the sort-of-sequel features no trolls but took on the misleading moniker to connect itself to the movie Troll, which was not exactly a box-office hit. The movie's premise involves goblins feeding humans magical foods that transform them into a vegetable paste so the creatures can eat them. 

    One of the most bonkers scenes in the movie involves kid protagonist Joshua (Michael Stephenson) jumping onto his family's dinner table and urinating on their poisoned food to stop them from eating it. Another infamous scene involves teen Arnold (Darren Ewing) reacting to the goblins eating a friend with the hokey line, "They're eating her. And then they're going to eat me. Oh. My. GOD!"  

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  • The remake of 1973's The Wicker Man is rife with Nicolas Cage insanity, making it much more unintentionally hilarious than frightening. 

    Cage plays police officer Edward Malus, a man dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder after witnessing a brutal incident with a little girl and her mother. During this time, his ex-fiancée Willow Woodward (Kate Beahan) asks for his help to locate her missing daughter, Rowan. Malus immediately travels to a mysterious island where women rule and men serve.

    From this point on, the movie lapses into a cavalcade of giggles as he attempts to throw his weight around as an officer with no jurisdiction. He insists on searching bags only to be disgusted for unknown reasons, barges into classrooms and erases lessons in order to grill the students, and punches a woman in the face while in a bear costume.

    The most absurd part of the movie occurs when Malus is captured by the pagans and forced to wear a cage of bees around his head. He explodes into frenzied screaming as he sits atop a pyre to be burned as a sacrifice for the island's harvest, giving life to one of the great internet memes: "BEEEEEEES!"

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  • Clive Barker penned this British horror movie featuring a pagan demon wreaking havoc on a small Irish town after lightning strikes a stone monolith in a field. Rawhead Rex is, unfortunately, very clearly a person in a poorly executed rubber mask and costume, making closeups on Rex's fixed expression quite ludicrous.

    In the film, Rawhead Rex slays adults and children alike, urinates on a priest, and even uses hypnosis to make townspeople assist him in his quest for revenge, all with the same immovable expression. 

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  • This 1982 gory slasher flick follows a deranged slayer that hunts co-eds, collecting their body parts to stitch together a replica of his mother, who he brutally ended as a child. While Pieces is full of unclothed bodies and lots of visceral visuals, it is also full of laughable moments, such as a girl poorly skateboarding into a sheet of glass. The inconsistencies in the opening scene - which takes place in the early 1940s - adds another layer of hilarity to the proceedings.

    Perhaps the best "What am I watching?" moment comes at the end when one of the male leads is attacked by the rotting corpse stitched together by the slayer, leaving him half the man he used to be.

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