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The Best Managers and Valets in WWE History

Updated 30 May 2019 4.8k votes 737 voters 10.9k views20 items

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Wrestling managers play an extremely important role in the ongoing storylines that are the foundation of the WWE Universe. These are the best managers in WWE history. The greatest wrestling managers of all time.

Wrestling valets are also Included in this list because they go hand in hand. It's really just splitting hairs if you fee like arguing about that. Valet, manager, "accompanied by," no matter how you slice it the presence of the people on this list, including great WWE Superstars and some of the best WWE Divas of all time, changed the game forever. People like Paul Heyman, Chyna, Trish Stratus, Bobby Heenan, and Paul Bearer just to name a few.

So, who is the top manager in WWE history? The Best wrestling valet of all time? Cast your votes!
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