The Best WTF With Marc Maron Episodes Of 2018

With each passing year come the best new episodes of WTF with Marc Maron—a comedy podcast bringing you exactly that! And 2018 is no different. Since Maron's first episode in 2009, the podcast has touched upon a broad range of topics with each guest, from how they got their start to insider info. Whether you're talking the always hilarious Bill Hader or the elusive Macaulay Culkin, there's never a shortage of entertainment. Be that as it may, some episodes and guests simply stand out over others. 

For both longtime fans of WTF and those just tuning in, it's no secret the podcast has fully taken off since the aforementioned start in 2009. In fact, 2018 is full of fantastic content for listeners—and it's often the guests that make each episode so noteworthy. Considering this, there are certainly a few that stand out from the long list of WTF podcast episodes in 2018.  

From best guests on WTF to the constantly entertaining content, there's plenty to constitute a great episode. So, if you're just catching up on the podcast, or looking for the best to get started with, this list is for you! Don't forget to up vote the episodes you love, as well as down vote those you don't. Then check out the best WTF episodes of 2019.

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