The Best FPS Games Set In WW2

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Only video games set in WW2 that are first-person shooters.

There are multiple Call of Duty games about World War II, tons of WW2 Medal of Honor games, and however many Wolfensteins there are nowadays. The best WW2 FPS games outsell and outplay just about any other first-person shooter out there, and new games just keep coming.

There are so many good WW2 FPS games available that new entries have gotten more creative. Games like World War II Sniper: Call To Victory put you up in the crow's nest while Enemy Front is played through flashbacks. But if you want classic and reliable World War II first-person shooters that just keep looking better with every new game, then video game war series like Medal of Honor and Call of Duty are there for you.

Which WW2 games are also the best FPS games? Vote up the best first-person shooters set in World War II, and vote down any releases you feel shouldn't make the cut.

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