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The Best Video Games Set In WW2

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From turn-based strategy to flight simulators and first-person shooters, there are a wealth of video games set in World War II. The global scope of the second Great War offers a wide range of settings, characters, and possible gameplay that has fueled series like Call of Duty, Brothers in Arms, Wolfenstein, and Medal of Honor.

With so many good WW2 games available there is a game that suits almost any type of player. Stealth games set in World War II include Hidden & Dangerous 2, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, and Sniper Elite 4. For tactics and traditional war games, there are favorites like Men of War, Silent Hunter III, and Panzer General, which allow you to manipulate the movements of soldiers and tanks across the battlefield. One of the most popular WWII game genres is the first person shooter, with dozens of great games that include Call of Duty, Battlefield V, and Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood.

Which are the best WW2 games? Vote up the best video games set in World War II and add any that we might have missed.

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