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The Best Strategy Games Set In WW2

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List RulesOnly video games set in WW2 that are real-time strategy or tactics games.

Real-time strategy and tactics games don't rely on players taking turns. Each choice a player makes as they try to dominate the map is influenced by variables like resources, weather, and earlier decisions. War games are popular settings for strategy and tactics games and the global setting of World War II is one of the most popular. On the surface, they may not seem as exciting a WW2 FPS, but the best WW2 RTS and RTT games outsell and outplay just about any other real-time tactics and strategy video games out there, and new games just keep coming.

Don't think that tactics and strategy games are lonely ones. Many RTS and RTT games have multiplayer modes that allow you to try your moves against another player, such as Company of Heroes 2, Men of War, and Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory. Some games focus on real battles and real events only while others, like R.U.S.E. mix historical and fictional moments to create compelling gameplay.

Which WW2 games are also the best RTS or RTT games? Vote up the best real-time tactics and strategy games in World War II and don't wait your turn to add any that we overlooked.