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The Best WWE Heels Ever

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List of the best heels in history of WWE. These are some of the greatest bad guys that the wrestling world has ever seen. Though many of these WWE Superstars also shined brightly as "baby faces" (good guys) during their careers, they unquestionably will go down as some of the all time greats at making everyone in the WWE Universe hate them. A lot. Hate them so, so, much.

From active wrestlers, to corporate figureheads, to managers, the art of the heel is under appreciated in a lot of wrestling circles. It takes guts to make the people hate you. More importantly, it takes skill to pull it off. 

So what do you think, Rankermaniacs? Who is the best heel in WWE history? Vote for your favorite bad guy now!
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    The Vince McMahon Kiss My Ass Club.

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    The Ayatollah of super duper annoying-ollah. 

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    He's beaten everyone you've ever liked.

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    The original Jerry Springer. 

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  • 7
    Total douche.

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    Speared Mick Foley through a burning table.

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    Give this man a microphone and you'll love to hate him for life.
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    It's angering when someone claims to be perfect and they are.

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    Before he was an internet darling - there was the Straight Edge Society.

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    Montreal. Screw. Job.

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    Not American.

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    No man should be that ravishing.

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  • 18
    Almost married Stephanie McMahon after tying her to a weird crucifix thing.

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  • 19
    Demon-spawn. And that thing Chris Jericho used to call her.
  • 20
    Sleazy-E. The cross-promotional scumbag.
  • 21
    Remember when we all HATED The Rock? Me too.

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    He lit Jim Ross on fire.

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    Probably the most irritating champion in WWE history.

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    Leave Undertaker alone you weird monster.

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