The Best WWE Royal Rumble Winners

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This is a list of the best WWE Royal Rumble Winners. Arguably the most entertaining pay per view event of the year, The WWE Royal Rumble has brought the noise and the funk since Hacksaw Jim Duggan stood tall after the very first Royal Rumble in 1988.

The event, for the uninitiated, is a battle royale: 30 wrestlers (except for in 2011 when there was 40) enter the ring (one wrestler is added every 60 seconds), and they eliminate each other by throwing one another over the top rope to the floor until only one wrestler remains. The Rumble match is always good for some heart-stopping moments, dramatic returns of some wrestlers of yesteryear, and soap opera worthy controversy to kick off the road to Wrestlemania. The winner of the Royal Rumble is automatically considered the number one contender for WWE Championship.

Here you'll find a list of each WWE Superstar that has won the Royal Rumble, the year(s) they've won it, and the position(s) that they entered the match. You'll find that it's a veritable who's who of Sports Entertainment complete with all of your favorite top WWE Superstars, and some of your least favorite (Roman Reigns).

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